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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus


In view of a series of statements made in European capitals, we would like to emphasize that we do care about the reaction of our foreign partners to the conduct and results of the presidential election in Belarus. Naturally, we are closely monitoring this reaction. 

We appreciate the statements showing support for sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Belarus. These principles are sacred for any state. They are particularly important for us today!

At the same time, it is absolutely unacceptable that a number of European officials issued important political statements regarding our country so fast, without trying to objectively examine and assess the situation. Certain strong conclusions at the high and highest levels are based on one-sided information and sheer untruth. In particular, based on unchecked information, a claim was made that one person had died. Even after it became clear to everyone that, fortunately, it was not true, the statements were not edited at all. However, this prompts plans to take decisions that would determine the future of our relations with the EU. 

Yet, when a real death was reported, the tragedy was turned into a farce with all kinds of unthinkable explanations that a priori blamed the government. 

Over 250 injured, barricades on the streets, attempts to storm administrative buildings… An attack on the staff of the Belarusian Embassy in London. Is it still a peaceful protest? What else should happen for one to make an objective opinion? Will there be enough political courage to see at least those who blatantly engage in provocations? 

Well before the election, we approached our partners for assistance informing them about facts of direct interference from abroad. We repeatedly suggested that those who criticize us today, should come to grips with the situation together with us. 

Instead, on the second day we heard calls to impose sanctions. How can we believe in sincerity of your advice after that?

Indeed, we invited the OSCE/ODIHR later than usual. However, there were solid grounds for that and we notified you about it beforehand. We always invited election observation missions despite all their critical findings. Why were you not so eager to come here this time? You had an opportunity to do it, albeit in a scaled-down way, like in other countries amidst the pandemic. 

We suggested looking into the essence of and reasons for the ongoing developments in Belarus in an objective and emotionless way. We are ready to engage in a constructive and – what is most important – impartial dialogue on this matter with all foreign counterparts. We are ready to provide strong evidence explaining the background of the current developments, including the external interference. 

We call on all our foreign partners to adopt an even-handed approach and take into consideration all views. We do not mean to say that you should disregard your traditional sources of information and opinions. However, information will be more complete and professional, if it is comprehensive, with official data and estimates of those who are responsible for the situation in this country taken into account. 

We are calling upon our colleagues, our neighbors. Do not make hasty statements further fueling instability in the society. If you support independence and sovereignty, show not only your commitment to your principles, but also responsibility!

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