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Statement by the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Belarus relating to the unilateral proclamation of independence by the Kosovo temporary authorities of self-government

18 February 2008
The Republic of Belarus believes that the settlement of the Kosovo and Metochia status should progress under international law, based on UN Security Council resolution 1244 (of 1999) which is a fundamental document for the Kosovo settlement certifying the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia, and based on the key provisions of the UN Charter and Helsinki Final Act, with the essential role of the UN Security Council bearing a predominant responsibility for safeguarding international peace and security.
The Republic of Belarus is convinced that the only way to address tensions and achieve stability in the region is political settlement which comes back down to a negotiation between Belgrade and Priština, with possible involvement of international intermediaries.
Belarus hopes that a mutually acceptable settlement of the Kosovo and Metochia status could be achieved in line with the conventional standards and principles of international law.

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