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Belarus Health Care System Ranks 53rd in the World

"The Belarusian health care system has stepped from modelling reforms to really implementing them", - stated Head of the Medical Aid Organization Department of the Ministry of Health Alexander Tsybin.

Alexander Tsybin noted: The Belarusian health care system has improved its rating in the World Health Organisation. Today we rank 53rd among 190 countries. For reference, Russia ranks 100th, - he stated.

Alexander Tsybin also reported: "The Conception sets the task of improving both the medical and the economic model of health care system."

Last year Belarus introduced the financing system based on health care expenditures per capita, started the restructuring of medical aid and the redistribution of resources to the more economical pattern. Belarus created a system of centralized purchase of pharmaceuticals. Investments are made in reconstructing the most socially significant health care establishments, we develop non-budget activity, thus the Conception is really working, - he stated.

Therefore, Belarus is on the right track, the reforms are not just revolutionary, but also efficient. Citizens get more and more content with health care services.